Atmos Pro

Atmos is a platform that was authored to enable one to deliver cloud system architectures effectively. The community version delivers the infrastructure for a complete service oriented architecture - letting you do in hours what it would take you a few man-weeks or months to build out yourself. Since it acts as a force multiplier, we can deliver a completely custom infrastructure to our customers in a short time frame. This leaves them in an excellent position for the future since their cloud infrastructure will be defined as a first class engineering component under configuration management alongside, but decoupled from, their application. Current and future efforts are also accelerated by the conveniences provided by the atmos runtime and having additional components and architectural patterns on tap.

Atmos Pro Features

Extends the Community Version

The Atmos community version is the platform through which all of Atmos Pro is delivered. On top of all the features you love from there, you also get additional runtime connveniences and recipes

Integrated YubiKey Support

The ultimate in convenience and security while using MFA. Plug in your yubikey, and atmos will automatically populate the mfa token from it when authenticating.

Static Website with CDN

Deploy your static website to a s3 backed cloudfront CDN. This website is.

Instance Clusters

Easily spin up clusters of related instances in a dynamic (auto scaling group) or static (run instance) fashion

Fully Supported

Help, training, advice and more

Continuous Updates

Atmos is under constant development, so you'll reap the benefits as new components get delivered.

Try the community version. If you like it, consider becoming a customer. Since this is a new business, pricing is still very much in flux. The general idea is to provide a version under an annual subscription to keep costs low for those that need it, but also provide a perpetual license at a higher price for customers that want to ensure they have full ownership over their infrastructure code. In order to facilitate building out the Atmos Pro library of recipes, we will implement a full custom infrastructure for our early customers, with the reusable parts being folded back into Atmos Pro. Its a great deal when compared to what you would pay a consultant or employees to build it yourself, and we will do our utmost to make sure your infrastructure exceeds your expectations.