Atmos(phere) - Breathe easier with terraform

Atmos provides a layer of organization on top of terraform for creating cloud system architectures, initially focused on doing so with Amazon Web Services. It handles all the details of defining and maintaining a complete system using terraform so you can focus on your application, yet still preserve the ability to evolve your infrastructure over time. The atmos runtime is free and open-source, with a business friendly license (Apache). It provides some basic recipes to help get you going with a service oriented architecture implemented with AWS Elastic Container Services.

Core features of Atmos

Complete System

Get up and running quickly, learn as you iterate

Easy to use

Many conveniences built in

Secure by Default

Be ready for compliance certifications

Open Source Core

Not locked-in if your needs diverge

No Limits

Evolve your infrastructure in whatever direction makes sense

Proven architectural patterns

No need to reinvent the wheel, but you can when neccessary

To try it out, follow the installation instructions and quickstart on the github page

In a nutshell, you supply a docker image of your app (green), and atmos will enable the rest of the architecture below, giving you full control to change it over time.