So I've been working at Mobicious for a week now, and the task list just keeps getting longer :) Not really surprised by this, as it is a startup. Is actually kinda cool to have this much to do, especially when most of it is interesting. I guess that makes me a workaholic. :)

Of course, being mostly a Java dev at the last job, I'm having to do a lot of reading and catchup on Rails. We are using Ruby on Rails at mobicious and I can see no overwhelming reason to change this. Scalability will be a concern eventually, but from all I've read, Rails can scale, just not quite as well as Java yet. This is not surprising given their relative levels of maturity. If that hasn't changed by the time we need it to scale hugely (here's hoping), we'll re-evaluate then. One option will be to switch to java for running rails, but to do so we'll have to come up with alternatives to binary rails plugins like RMagick. For now though, I'm sticking with Rails as it does give us an advantage in development time - though not quite there for me personally yet :)

So far I'm really liking the startup environment, and the people are all really great, the work is interesting, and I'm having fun!