Dog slow!

A couple of things I've learned

  • Stop spotlight from indexing eclipse workspace.

  • Bug in Tiger/Java that causes eclipse to slow to a crawl after launching a (java?) app. This was really killing me because I have a builder than runs an ant script, so my performance was always in the shitter. Better now that I've removed the builder, but the UI still seems very slow - especially when using Apple-F6 to switch between editors. I hear that disabling a bunch of things like CVS decorators make it better, but haven't tried it yet cuz I like those things. See this eclipse bug for details on the Java performance problem under OSX (boy I sure wish I could find a torrent for 10.4.3 build 8F8)

  • I've been experimenting with getting eclipse to run with GTK bindings under OSX. I;ve bgotten it working, but it has too many issues to make it suitable for me. I'll publish the details in another entry if anyone comments that they are interested. Maybe someone else can take up the torch and get it working well.